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Gender Diversity Needed in the Newsroom

This New York union is pushing for gender expression protections in newsrooms, so journalists better represent who they report on.

Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie's Combined Salaries $11M Less Than Lauer's

The two female Today co-anchors are paid $7 million each, compared to Matt Lauer's $25 million paycheck.

Give This Trans PAC The Credit It’s Due

A new trans political action committee made a big impact on 2017 elections. So why didn't they get the credit?

Why a Straight 'Shameless' Star Came Out as Gay on Twitter

Steve Howey, who plays Kev on Shameless, talks with The Advocate about sexuality, parenthood, and toxic masculinity.

Supreme Court Allows Trump's Muslim Ban to Go Into Effect

Trump's travel ban, which restricts travel from six mostly Muslim countries, passed through the Supreme Court after being deemed unconstitutional in lower courts. 

Accused Rapist Formally Endorses Alleged Pedophile

After multiple assault allegations caused other Republicans to denounce Senate candidate Roy Moore, Donald Trump publicly endorsed him. Trump himself faces several accusations of sexual misconduct, including rape.

Things Are Looking Good for Marriage Equality in Australia

A bill legalizing same-sex marriage just breezed through the Senate in Australia, meaning that wedding bells could be ringing in just a matter of weeks. 

Gay Honeymooners Arrested in Bangkok for Half-Naked Picture

Joseph and Travis DaSilva, a 30-something couple known for mooning world landmarks, were arrested in Thailand after posting images of their backsides at a Buddhist temple. They remain in custody. 

Bisexual Gossip Columnist Liz Smith Dies at 94

Liz Smith, who once described her bisexuality as "gender neutrality," passed away on Sunday in her New York home of natural causes. She was 94. 

'Good Behavior' Con Artists Take on the Art of Drag

On Good Behavior, Letty (Michelle Dockery) poses as drag queen Priscilla McCall in an attempt to steal half a million dollars. The new episode airs Sunday, November 12, at 10 p.m. on TNT. 

Brett Ratner's Accuser Isn't Backing Down

While several famous women have accused the Rush Hour director of sexual misconduct, he chose the one with the least star-power to fight against. That didn't stop her.

Shame Sarah Huckabee Sanders, But Not for Her Looks

SNL and the L.A. Times seem fixated on the press secretary's weight. What's more relevant is her ability to spew outrageous lies with a straight face.

Kenyan Authorities Ban Disney Show for Gay Storyline

The Kenyan Film Classification Board labels Andi Mack's gay storyline as "bad content" and bans the show from airing in the country. 

7 Badass Asexual Characters

Asexual awareness week means shining a light on asexual, aromantic, demi-sexual, and gray-asexual representation in today's media. 

8 LGBT Halloween Parties Not to Miss

Here's where you can show off your costume, even if it's just hot pants and a dollar store mask.

MMA Fighter Conor McGregor Caught Casually Firing Off Homophobic Slurs

The Irish MMA fighter has a history of saying racist, homophobic, and misogynistic things.  

Betsy DeVos Delivers a Blow to Disabled Students

DeVos slashed 72 guidelines for people with disabilities, labeling them "Outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective."

NY Subway Poster Campaign Wants More Love for Trans Lives

Brooklyn-based, black LGBT activists raise awareness of poverty through uplifting stories in an MTA poster campaign.

A Month After Maria, Puerto Rico Remains in Crisis

Many Puerto Ricans are still forced to wait in long lines just to get water and electricity remains a rarity.

Thank You, Rose

Rose McGowan has helped take a big chunk out of the patriarchy, which imprisons us all.