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Smiling and Crying Through the Stilted Progression of LGBTQ Equality

When you reside at the intersections of multiple identities, anniversaries of your civil rights struggles can be both bitter and sweet. 

We Can Stop the GOP's Disenfranchisement of Black, Trans Voters

McConnell and his ilk will do anything to stop minorities from voting; it must be our mission to win back our inalienable right.

Trans Inmates Often Led to Slaughter, Even in Blue States

Massachusetts -- viewed as a bastion of tolerance -- only recently began recognizing the humanity of trans prisoners.

What Kevin Hart, Ellen Can't Fathom: Young Black LGBTQ Lives Matter

Hart refuses to take responsibility for his horrifying jokes about hurting children, while Ellen remains a co-conspirator.

It Does Matter Whether Trump Said the 'N' Word

If Republicans stand by Trump after a tape emerges of him saying that slur, it will confirm the GOP is the party of racism.

Can Pride Be a Little Less White This Year?

Our community needs to foster inclusivity if we have any chance against Trump's agenda, writes Rev. Irene Monroe.

One of MLK's Dreams Was an End to Gun Violence

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Guns are going to be the death of this country." Will we prove him right?

Stop Pimping Martin Luther King and Other Revered Leaders

We dilute the messages of civil rights icons by using them to sell products, writes Rev. Irene Monroe.

LGBT Africans and Haitians Don't Need Trump's Insults, They Need Asylum

The president's ignorance of the world means he's completely unaware of what queer black people are going through.

How Can You Live Up to Martin Luther King's Dream?

Fifty years after he was taken from us, we're still trying to make his "beloved community" a reality. 

For Black Women, Being Called the Democrats' 'Backbone' Is No Compliment

Black women helped defeat Roy Moore, but they don't want to be anyone's backbone but their own, writes Rev. Irene Monroe.

A Black Lesbian's View on the Trump Years: Jim Crow Is Back

A backlash to recent progress has sent us back 60 years, writes Rev. Irene Monroe.

Romanticizing the Confederacy Is Sick and Wrong

Slavery is America's original sin. Don't forget that for a minute, Trump administration.

The Black Church's Habit of Using, Abusing Gay Christians

As much as homophobic denominations like Burrell's Church of God in Christ don't want to admit it, righteous gay and bi men are part of their congregations.

Tips for Surviving a Trump Presidency

A congresswoman tries to assuage the anxieties of her constituents and helps them mobilize for the next four years.

Stay Woke This Thanksgiving

This holiday may hurt for many of us, but remember the strength of those who really suffered on Thanksgiving.

Remembering When Evangelicals Tried to Exorcise Gays With 'Hell Houses'

Even though it may anger many on the right, Halloween remains the gayest of holidays.

Love and Violence in Black LGBT Communities

During Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Rev. Irene Monroe pleads for more resources for LGBT communites of color.

Staying High In These Days of Going Low

When we see hate speech and injustice, we must hold tight to Michelle Obama's words.

White LGBTs: We Need Your Help With Police Harassment

No rational person condones the shooting of officers, but that doesn't mean things don't have to change with how African-Americans are treated by police. All LGBTs should empathize with that sentiment.