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60 Burly Pics from Bearrison Street Fair 2022

Here's everything you need to know to attend Bearrison Street Fair 2023 and relive last year's fair.

26 Woof-Worthy Pics from Provincetown's Bear Week Wiener Roast

Who doesn't like bears and their wieners? Here are some delicious pics from Provincetown's Bear Week Wiener Roast that took place this summer. 

79 Bears of Summer at Lazy Bear Weekend, by Felix Xie

The Lazy Bear Fund has raised nearly $2 million for worthy causes, and they produce the most beautiful events.

"Raw! Uncut! Video!" Tells the Story of Early Kink and Fetish

This film chronicles the rise and fall of homegrown gay porn studio Palm Drive Video.

25 Male Photos Celebrate Bodies 'As Is'

Photographer Steven Tilotta's new book presents "incredible men of all shapes and sizes."

The Body Positive Days of Grrrizzlyon by Eric Lanuit

Bears, otters, and lions, oh my — what a calendar!

Over 50 Otters Bare Hairy Chests, Backs, and Bottoms in 2021 Calendar

With over 50 images at 8x11 inches in Otterj's weekly tear-away, this is the Year of the Otter.

Finally, There's an Ode to the 'Nerdy Bear'

Tom Goss's new music video celebrates a special breed of gaymer.

'LOVED' Documents the Lives of Mostly Naked Bears

'LOVED' is an analogue and digital gallery work by Charlie Hunter and Mike Wyeld.

111 Pix of Men Losing Control at Folsom Street Fair Day One

The guys really worked themselves up this year. Miguel Angel Reyes caught photos of men gooning out on each other, and more. Consensually, of course.

101 Night & Day Photos of the Heavenly Lazy Bear Week by Felix Xie

Both the crystalline daylight and the celestial nightime create a comfortable, cuddly mood for the hundreds of men that come to relax and play near Guerneville, Calif.

102 Photos of Leather, Sex, and Fantasy on the Streets of New York

Since 1997, the Folsom Street East street festival has been an annual highlight of the global fetish/kink calendar — an in-your-face, sex- and body-positive shared space on the streets of New York City for all to enjoy.

111 Photos of Dads, Studs, Pups, and Divas for Tom of Finland

The yearly bash at the Faultline is a beloved L.A. tradition to honor Tom of Finland and kick off the summer season with bears, boys, bare butts, and beer.

15 Photos of Mr. Bear Europe, Confronting Disabilities

Jérôme was delighted to be elected Mister Bear Europe in Italy. Read what he has to say about working with his vision disabilities and enjoy these photos by Bernard André.

72 Photos Get You In Father's Day Mood for Tom's Bar/DaddyWood.

The Tom of Finland Foundation is going to grab your head with its big hands and hold you in place while it turns Father’s Day upside down with a fully immersive experience. And a bunch of horny dads and boys in a parking lot.

67 Photos of Bears in Bearadise from GAYPV in Puerto Vallarta

This Vallarta Pride party is a one of a kind, 18+ men only Pool Party where clothing is optional. Bearadise is for the bears and their admirers.

109 IML Day 3 Pics: Cosplay Heroes, IML Victory, and Community Joy

The big day of events included: Leather Archives & Museum Sling Raffle, POW! The Superhero Fetish Meetup, the International Mr. Leather Contest, the Victory Party.

98 Photos of IML Day 2: Let the Games Begin

On day 2 activities included: Unconventional Ways to do Pup Play, the Leather Bear Stampede, the Pecs and Personality Contest, and the delightful Furball!

109 Photos of IML Launching Leather, Love, and Sexual Freedom

On the 41st anniversary of the ever-evolving International Mr. Leather Contest, we join in the camaraderie of the full expression of sexuality and the freedom to expand the definition of kink.