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Finally, There's an Ode to the 'Nerdy Bear'

Nerdy Bears

Tom Goss has created an ode to the nerdy bears of the world.

In his latest music video, for "Nerdy Bear," the gay singer rhapsodizes about a particular queer tribe that loves video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and ice cream sandwiches.

"Nerdy bear, behind the glasses you a dirty bear," Goss croons to the object of his affection. The music video is also notable for queering classic video games; at one point, he kisses the nerdy bear, dressed as Mario, in drag as Princess Peach. There's even a joke about turnip purchasing in Animal Crossing.

Goss is an outspoken advocate against fatphobia in the LGBTQ+ community. And his music, like "Round in All the Right Places" and the viral hit "Bears," often celebrates men of size. 

Pull up a gaming chair and watch "Nerdy Bear" below.

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