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Mike Huckabee: With Marriage Equality, Will Bisexuals Want Two Spouses?

Mike Huckabee: With Marriage Equality, Will Bisexuals Want Two Spouses?


Apparently being bisexual means you're also polyamorous.

Potential Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has yet another reason marriage rights should not be extended to same-sex couples: bisexual people will want both male and female spouses. In his new book God, Guns, Grits and Gravy, Huckabee claims allowing same-sex marriage would lead to bisexuals in legally recognized throuples.

"Shouldn't a bisexual be able to have both a male and female spouse?" the former Arkansas governor asks in excerpts of his book released by U.S. News & World Report. "Wouldn't restricting that person's access to both genders be denying the bisexual his or her marriage 'equality?'"

Obviously, being bisexual has nothing to do with the number of partners you have at once. Also, the slippery slope argument insinuating that multiple-partner marriages will be next has been used by right-wing pundits for years even though heterosexual people have already been in polygamous relationships in U.S. history.

Despite his uninformed claims about bisexuals, Huckabee admits marriage rights for same-sex couples are not necessarily harmful to heterosexual couples. Instead, he says heterosexuals' indifference to marriage equality is more damaging and that America still does not know the effects of marriage equality down the road.

"When advocates of same-sex marriage say, 'What's the harm?' the honest reply is that at this point, we simply don't have enough reliable accumulated data to be able to say."

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