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Benjy 'The Gay Bull' Is Actually Bisexual

Benjy 'The Gay Bull' Is Actually Bisexual

Castration may seem a bit harsh, but for an apparently bisexual bull named Benjy in the United Kingdom, maybe it's for the best.

Benjy was dubbed "the gay bull" after being spotted spending too much time with other bulls, and not enough with the cows. His Irish owner's alleged plans to send the bull to the slaughterhouse, since he wasn’t breeding, made this toro tale go viral

That's when hundreds of activists stepped up, including the late co-creator of TV's The Simpsons, Sam Simon. The BBC reported that Simon donated $7,600, nearly half of what was raised to save Benjy from death. That money paid for the bull to be transferred from his farm in County Mayo, Ireland, to Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Norwhich, England.

"When he got here, he went nose to nose with a male calf," farmer John Watson of the sanctuary told Gay Star News, "and everyone said it was his first kiss."

But apparently it wasn't his last. And so Watson cut to the chase, so to speak.   

"I know they say Benjy’s gay, but we won’t be taking any chances," Watson told the Irish Sunday Independent last year. "Any animals that come here are neutered because we want to rescue animals in need, not breed them and fill up the sanctuary.”

A ballsy move? Well, maybe Watson was onto something, as the now-balless Benjy has started cozying up to cows.

"He has gone out to grass with quite a lot of other cows, and Wendy said he was looking quite happy with a female cow," Watson told Gay Star News in a new follow-up report. 

Hillside stands by its decision to castrate. "We couldn’t take the risk he would impregnate all our female cows," said Watson, adding they weren't sure he was 100 percent gay. 

Having lost his gay "gold star," henceforth The Advocate will now refer to Benjy as "the bisexual bull." 

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