Chick-fil-A Lover: 'I Can't Just Look the Other Way Anymore'

Chick-fil-A Lover: 'I Can't Just Look the Other Way Anymore'

Author Jackson Pearce isn't going to be eating at Chick-fil-A anymore. The Atlanta native admits she was in denial about whether the company is antigay, but that ended when company president Dan Cathy declared he was "guilty as charged" on his opposition to marriage equality.

Watch Pearce's passionate explanation for why it's no longer OK to eat at the chicken-sandwich chain in the video below. But here's an especially articulate excerpt:

"I have no problem with people standing up for their religion, but I have  a big problem with people standing up for hate and trying to say it's because of religion," said Pearce. "So don't say 'biblical definition of marriage' unless you not only know what it means but fully support it. To toss the word 'biblical' out there as a PR decision and a feel-good way of saying you're homophobic without risking your business not only cheapens your Bible but, in my opinion, disrespects your God. Now, technically, Chick-fil-A's company line is that they don't discriminate against homosexual employees or customers or whatever, but that's only because it's totally illegal for them to do so. So in a way I'm actually kind of glad that Mr. Cathy opened his mouth and exposed himself and his company for what they are — homophobic."

Amid all of that, we'd add one minor tweak, which is that without the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act by Congress, it is still legal in many states for Chick-fil-A to discriminate against LGBT employees if it wanted to.

Watch Pearce in her own words in the video below.

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