To us, diversity simply means honoring equally all the backgrounds and points of view that make up the rich fabric of the American culture. We believe in the enduring quality of life for all our employees as strongly as we believe in the enduring quality of our automobiles. In short, we believe diversity is essential to all the values our business is built upon.

Only involved, inspired, energized and accepted employees will enable us to grow and thrive while meeting the constantly changing challenges of the marketplace. That’s why our philosophy of diversity and inclusion is backed by concrete strategic imperatives that ensure our vision of understanding and valuing differences is realized across the company.

EQUALITY ALLIES 2011 VOLKSWAGEN FOCUS GROUP X300 | ADVOCATE.COMFor example, our Corporate Diversity Council represents all levels and perspectives across our organization and oversees our many diversity efforts. At the local level, employee-led Diversity councils act as advocates for inclusion and as ambassadors in their communities. The result? For the past four years, Volkswagen of America has received a 100 percent score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index that measures the inclusiveness of workplace policies for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender employees.

But we don’t view diversity merely as good corporate citizenship; it’s also good business, helping us build better relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners.

EQUALITY ALLIES 2011 VOLKSWAGEN LOGO X225 | ADVOCATE.COMOur corporate sponsorships reflect our commitment to diversity as well; “The Focus Group” with Tim Bennett and John Nash is brought to listeners of SIRIUS XM OutQ each week by Volkswagen of America, and provides listeners with an inside look at the out side of business.

EQUALITY ALLIES 2011 BEST PLACES TO WORK X145 | ADVOCATE.COMDiversity. At Volkswagen Group of America, it’s our way of life.

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