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How Targeting LGBTQ+ Rights Is Part of the Authoritarian Playbook

Corrupt leaders from Colombia to Hungary to Oklahoma are using us as pawns to maintain power.

Colombian Court Orders Nonbinary Marker on ID Documents

This "is an initial step towards effective social participation," the justices wrote.

Colombia's Capital, Bogotá, Elects First Woman and Lesbian Mayor

Claudia Lopez was elected to a position considered second in importance only to the presidency in Colombia.

Could Jared Polis Do More to Fight Trump at the State Level?

The out congressman from Colorado is vying to be the first gay man elected governor of any state.

First Ever Out LGBT Person Elected to Colombian Senate

Angélica Lozano, who is bisexual, was among 14 LGBT candidates running in the nation's elections. 

Transgender, Queer Candidates Backed in Runs for Colombia's Senate

Advocacy groups are looking to educate voters about candidates' positions on LGBT issues.

Getting High With the Men of Bogota (Photos)

Elska Magazine visits its first Latin American country to meet and photograph the men of high-altitude Bogotá.

Three Gay Men Make History by Marrying in Colombia

The trio have become the country's first "polyamorous family" to be legally recognized.

PHOTOS: What the World Needs Now Is Pride Sweet Pride

In a world that can feel threatening, the simple joys of celebrating Pride can raise the spirits.

Colombia Makes Marriage Equality Official

Same-sex couples in Colombia are officially out of legal limbo, as the nation's high court enacts a ruling first alluded to earlier this month. 

Marriage Equality (Finally) Comes to Colombia

After three years in legal limbo, Colombia's Constitional Court ruled 6-3 that same-sex couples have a right to legally marry. 


How Colombia's Fight for Equality Differs From Ours

Here's what The Advocate uncovered after spending two weeks in Colombia exploring the state of LGBT equality. 

Cuales Son Las Diferencias Entre la Lucha LGBT en Colombia y Los EE.UU?

Esa es la pregunta que nos conduce a las periodistas y activistas LGBT Colombiana durante el agosto pasado.…

Colombia Elects First Openly Gay, Right-Wing Mayor

Julian Antonio Bedoya becomes Colombia's first mayoral candidate elected after campaigning as openly gay — and running with the support of a highly conservative party. 

WATCH: What It's Like to Be LGBT in Colombia

Discover what coming out and fending off homophobia looks like for LGBT Columbians in these clips.

Teen's Suicide Highlights Struggle of LGBT Colombians

Sergio Urrego, 16, is dead after he was allegedly harassed by administrators at his Colombian Catholic school, where the principal accused him of being a gay atheist and anarchist.

Two Same-Sex Couples Married in Colombia

After a 2011 court ruling that ordered the Colombian Congress to create equal relationship recognition for same-sex couples, gay and lesbian Colombians are finally tying the knot.