WATCH: Ben Affleck and SNL Crew Go to Ex-Gay Camp

WATCH: Ben Affleck and SNL Crew Go to Ex-Gay Camp

Saturday's season finale of Saturday Night Live was chock-full of gay-adjacent sketches, but none was quite as biting as a skit featuring host Ben Affleck as the leader of a camp to turn gay kids straight. 

Blatantly riffing on the absurdity of the scientifically discredited "ex-gay" movement, Affleck's camp counselor fondly recalled how much he "loved" being gay, saying, "It just felt natural and right." 

Until the Holy Spirit intervened, of course, and the counselor found himself in a "happy" straight marriage. 

"Hetero is better, yo!" quips Affleck, before reciting the day's activities, including musical performances, a discussion about Ralph Macchio's lips in The Outsiders and a hot dog eating contest. 

Watch Affleck, a longtime LGBT ally and supporter of marriage equality, lambaste the absurdity of "ex-gay" concept in the video below, via Mediaite


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