WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 8, 'Merchandise'

WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 8, 'Merchandise'

Jeffrey knows only one member of a boy band ever finds success as a solo artist. That’s why he’s skipping the group merchandising plan and going straight to selling swag of his own solo act. After all, he’s destined to be fabulous on an international scale, and who wouldn’t want a piece of his future fame for their very own?

As Jeffrey himself says, “I can’t wait for fame and fortune to hit all the members of my future boy band, but for now I need to start focusing on me! Jeffrey custom-made collectibles and swag!  If I ever am going to get onto the other side on that velvet rope, my merchandise can catapult me right up there with the E.T. dolls, Han Solo figurine, and Dorothy’s ruby slippers! I know that I’ve have to learn how to sew and/or crochet, but how hard can that be? Jeffrey key chains everywhere! I’m simply all atwitter!”

Watch Jeffrey: The Series episode 8 below.

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