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4 Queer Monologues (Video)

Wilson Cruz

LGBTQ Monologues That Are Actually Funny is a book created by Alisha Gaddis for actors auditioning for queer roles. A reading in Los Angeles was recently produced by Zak Barnett Studios (ZBS) and Backwing. Following the performances was a discussion as part of ZBS's "S.E.A. Talk Series" about queer artists and the intersection of entertainment and activism.

Wilson Cruz, who lost a loved one in the Pulse shooting this year, performs a monologue to his mother on her death bed. Watch his performance and passionate call to creators below:


Noah's Arc actor Darryl Stephens conronts a police officer after an altercation in his gym in this monologue.


The book’s Grammy and Emmy-winning editor Alisha Gaddis performs as a particularly passionate National Park Ranger:


Three-time Tony nominee Kevin Chamberlin will convince you why you do NOT want a life of figure skating in this monologue written by Ilana Turner.


LGBTQ Comedic Monologues That Are Actually Funny is out now from Applause Books and is available at 25% off with free domestic shipping at the Backwing Store.

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