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Comedians Eviscerate Jimmy Fallon's Shameful Trump Pandering

Comedians Go to Town on Jimmy Fallon's Shameful Trump Pandering

Remember when Late Night host Seth Meyers announced on his show that Donald Trump wasn’t welcome as a guest? Maybe Jimmy Fallon should have followed suit.

Fallon’s goofy interview with Trump on The Tonight Show — during which he notably mussed Trump’s hair and treated the GOP presidential candidate with same ingratiating, aw-shucks-it’s-a-privilege-to-be-in-your-presence demeanor as he does with all of his guests — was rightfully met by fierce backlash from the type of thoughtful comedians who actually stand for something.

Fallon responded by claiming he’s an entertainer, not a journalist, but that didn’t fly with other entertainers. Check out the (actually entertaining) opinions several notable LGBT comedians and allies offered on Twitter.

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