Stephen Colbert Re-Creates Jeff Sessions's Speech to Anti-LGBT Group

Stephen Colbert

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has declined to release the content of his speech before the anti-LGBT Alliance Defending Freedom this week, but Stephen Colbert has some ideas about what Sessions had to say.

Using a Keebler elf-shaped E.L. Fudge cookie to stand in for Sessions, Colbert devoted a portion of his Friday night Late Show monologue to re-creating the attorney general’s closed-door speech, with Sessions decrying “the amount of homosexualizing I see in our country these dark days.”

Colbert also noted that ADF’s mission is “to recover the robust Christendomic theology of the third, fourth, and fifth centuries,” which he described as “when men were men and women died in childbirth at 14.” He further questioned why the speech was so secret, as the group should “come out of the closet” and “let your hate flag fly.”

Watch below.

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