Police: It Wasn't Luka Magnotta in Miami

Police: It Wasn't Luka Magnotta in Miami

It didn't take long to rule out Luka Magnotta, the alleged Canadian cannibal killer, in a Miami case.

Reports said Magnotta was in the area when Osben Laparra, 21, disappeared after leaving a Miami nightclub in March 2009. His body parts washed ashore three days later in area waterways.

But CBS Miami reports that Canadian authorities have provided evidence Magnotta wasn't in Florida when the crime happened.

Magnotta was arrested in Berlin, having fled Canada accused of killing 33-year-old Jun Lin, a computer and engineering college student who was Magnotta's onetime lover, and of posting video of killing kittens. Whoever  killed Lin said the taste of blood wouldn't let him stop.

With the Miami case out, that leaves a mystery in Los Angeles as the only other reported where Magnotta, the sometimes gay-porn actor, is so far under investigation.

The head of Hervey Medellin, a 66-year-old gay man who lived in Hollywood, was discovered in January near a hiking trail in Bronson Canyon Park. His hands and feet were later found too, near the famous Hollywood sign.

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