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Teenager Fights Off Attackers in D.C. Hate Crime

Teenager Fights Off Attackers in D.C. Hate Crime

A 16-year-old was repeatedly stabbed outside the newly restored Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C., and police say the crime was motivated by hate.

The Washington Blade reports that the teenager was stabbed three times — in the biceps, back, and leg — while being held by two more assailants. Somehow the victim pulled out a can of pepper spray and fought them off.

NBC4 reports that antigay slurs were used during the fight and that the words continued even after the three were arrested. They had just left the theater, which is located just three blocks from a series of gay nightclubs, but a statement made on behalf of the facility sought to clarify that the attackers weren't patrons — in fact, the trio are accused of stealing tips.

"This incident, though unfortunate, apparently happened at a construction site not affiliated with the theatre," the statement to NBC4 said, "and did not happen at The Howard Theatre and did not involve patrons or anyone else involved with the theatre."

The victim was treated at the Howard University hospital.

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