How disabled queer and trans people of color are daring to imagine (and create) spaces where people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities have intrinsic value.

January 11 2019 7:06 AM

A gay man who has difficulty walking was forced to leave behind the device he needs for mobility.

April 16 2017 2:54 PM

Named one of Forbes' 30 under 30, Lucy is transforming the catwalk and is featured in the new MTV #SeeHer campaign.

March 07 2017 6:37 AM

The Advocate was following one woman's visit to L.A. Pride when news broke of the shooting. Here's what happened, in her own words.

June 13 2016 9:34 PM

Children, the differently abled, and those living paycheck to paycheck were also walloped by North Carolina's HB 2.

June 09 2016 5:32 AM

Lawmakers said they did not want to include sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, disability, or veteran status in their antidiscrimination bill. 

February 09 2016 9:28 AM

The killing of Kayden Clarke in Mesa, Arizona, is the second such fatality of a trans person in the U.S. this year.

February 06 2016 8:26 PM