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Meet Ben Trockman, the Disability Rights Activist Challenging the Status Quo

Almost 10 years ago, Trockman led the effort to get Congress to pass policies that ensured airplane travel for people with disabilities.

Easterseals Highlights Alarming Accessibility Gaps for Disabled Americans

In 2023, people can book a luxrious suite on an airplane but somebody who requires a wheelchair can’t board a plane and remain in their life-supporting seat.

Queer and Disabled Lives Beautifully Intersected

This challenging exhibit explores a community often ignored in modern society.

Stacey Milbern, Queer Disability Rights Activist, Remembered on Doodle

"Stacey was a pioneer for disability justice and intersectionality. Her life experiences led her to empower and revitalize others," her sister said.

Why Nonbinary 'See for Me' Star Skyler Davenport Is One to Watch

Skyler Davenport's multifaceted identity enriches this spine-tingling twist on a home invasion thriller.

How This Trans Director Created 'Spaces' for LGBTQ+ and Disabled Folks

Dominick Evans chats with The Advocate about directing the music video "Spaces," which centers folks from the disabled community in places they're often left out of. 

What Are Your Preconceptions of Disability and Sexuality?

These photos by Robert Andy Coombs document his experiences at the intersection of sexuality and disability, which are rarely expressed in contemporary visual culture.

Chella Man: This Trans, Deaf Artist Reclaims His Body With Tattoos

"It's honestly more comfortable for me to be completely deaf," the artist says. "It's more natural to me."

Ryan J. Haddad Is Staging a Revolt Against Gay Ableism

The actor and writer's one-man play, Hi, Are You Single?, tackles rejection in the gay community.

Disabled LGBTQ+ Creatives Imagine a Better Tomorrow

The Ford and Mellon Foundations invest in queer disabled cultural creatives.

Disability Advocate: 'Everyone Will Become Disabled If They're Lucky'

Maria Town, president of the American Association of People with Disabilities, says disability is not a sign of weakness.

Queer Paralympian, Angela Madsen, Dies During Epic Solo Row

The record-breaking lesbian athlete died on a solo rowing journey across the Pacific, but she leaves behind one hell of a legacy. 

Why Rodney Evans Says Losing His Vision Made Him a Better Director

Rodney Evans'a new documentary, Vision Portraits, chronicles the creative process of four visually impaired or blind artists, including Evans himself.

15 Photos of Mr. Bear Europe, Confronting Disabilities

Jérôme was delighted to be elected Mister Bear Europe in Italy. Read what he has to say about working with his vision disabilities and enjoy these photos by Bernard André.

The Queer Books That Saved a Disabled Trans Man

Three incredible works showed me I have queer, trans, and disabled ancestors.

Andrew Gurza's Revolution: Declaring Disabled People Are Hot

The queer activist wants his community to start seeing themselves in a new light.

Where Disability Justice and LGBTQ Rights Intersect

How disabled queer and trans people of color are daring to imagine (and create) spaces where people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities have intrinsic value.

United Barred a Gay Man From Taking His Mobility Device on His Honeymoon

A gay man who has difficulty walking was forced to leave behind the device he needs for mobility.