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Dan Savage Defends Hillary Clinton's Marriage Record


Author and activist Dan Savage defended Hillary Clinton's LGBT record during an appearance on Monday night's episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Asked about Donald Trump's LGBT-related positions, Savage called them "complicated" since his rhetoric on these issues has been more restrained than that of the proudly antigay, anti-trans candidate Ted Cruz. Savage did call Trump a "dangerous demagogue," reminding viewers he promised to nominate Supreme Court justices who will undo marriage equality and "forcibly divorce" Savage and his husband.

By comparison, Clinton is "excellent" on LGBT issues, Savage said. He chastised some for criticizing how long it took the former secretary of State to voice support for marriage equality — using some very colorful language to make his point.

Watch the clip below as well as one where Savage discusses the ever-evolving acronym for queer identity.

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