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What's Next for Pioneering Trans Candidate Christine Hallquist

Christine Hallquist

The gubernatorial nominee sets her sights on climate change.

Christine Hallquist made history as the first out transgender major party nominee for governor in the United States, having won the 2018 Democratic nomination for Governor of Vermont with over 40 percent of the vote. Now, she's one of The Advocate's Champions of Pride.

Though she lost the election to Republican candidate and incumbent, Phil Scott, Hallquist continues to be a powerful voice in her state on the issue of climate change.

The current CEO of a company called Cross Border Power, whose mission it is to solve climate change, the hardworking activist says that she and her employees will soon turn their manufacturing site into a battery factory.

"We will build batteries that are four times as good as the ones that power cars today at half the cost," she explains of her new venture. "Batteries are the Holy Grail to solve climate change. I have decided that I will fight to my last dying breath to end the ravages of carbon dioxide that threaten the very existence of most life on our planet. We will solve climate change. In doing so, we will have to work with countries and people all across the world. It will require listening and empathy. As a result of doing the work to solve climate change, humankind will advance to a higher spiritual level. That advancement will benefit our children, our children's children, and many generations of children to come."

One of the things Hallquist is proudest of is her decision over a decade ago to live her truth and start transitioning: "I made that decision fully believing that living my truth would result in me losing my job, my friends, my family and my home," she says. "The truth was more important... It was a decision that was harder than facing my own death. I know this for a fact because in 2014 I had an aggressive cancer that was going to kill me, so I knew what facing my death meant. Transitioning was harder."

The proud Vermonter adds that being a champion in our own lives require "treating people with love, dignity and respect, no matter how they are treating you and no matter how bad you may feel."

"Take the time to listen to our heart and our soul," she concludes. "This requires that we quiet our minds and allow the truth to reveal itself, especially when we are in stress or in doubt. Live that truth and live it with love. Face the fear, run into the fire. Never give in to pain or anxiety. Remember the past in order to learn from the past, and always look forward. The reward will be peace and joy. I cannot think of a greater reward."

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