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Gay Couples

There's nothing cuter or more inspiring than seeing gay couples on the street. Just a few decades ago there were precious few places where LGBT people in love could say so proudly without fear of violence. Today all that has changed. With the click of a mouse young LGBTs the world over can read up on gay couples and lesbian ones, from high-profile celebrity pairings to prom court in a small town. Wherever the couples, the message is the same: that love is something to be proud of, no matter how you identify.

Joel Kim Booster and Cheyenne Jackson Champion Equality at HRC Dinner

Out stars are speaking out and advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

Just Deal With It: Married Same-Sex Couples Deal Better With Stress

A new study shows that married same-sex couples are more collaborative.

Robin Roberts Says Partner Amber Laign Has Paused Cancer Treatment

The Good Morning America anchor opened up about the "complications with the chemotherapy" that her longtime love is experiencing.

Provincetown is for Lovers

If you're looking to find your match, or just rekindle the magic, visit Provincetown this spring. 

Jillian Michaels Announces Engagement to DeShanna Marie Minuto

The couple shared the news of their impending nuptials on Instagram.

‘Eternals’ Gets Review Bombed By Homophobic Trolls Days Before Release

"Looks like we're upsetting the right people," tweeted actor Kumail Nanjiani.

Garret Clayton Marries Longtime Partner Blake Knight

Alicia Silverstone officiated the big day.

Gay Couple Rejected by Wedding Venue Due to Owner’s Religious Beliefs

The Tennessee couple scheduled a tour -- and then things got weird.

Broadway Couple Michael Urie and Ryan Spahn Do ‘At Home at the Zoo’

This weekend the talented duo will play opposite each other onstage in one of legendary playwright Edward Albee's most acclaimed works.

How OnlyFans Stars Rick and Griff Make Their Relationship Work

"Of the few things we argue about, our sex life and the other men in it, is never one of them."

Dan Levy Calls Out UK Channel for Editing Gay 'Schitt's Creek' Scenes

4Music says the removal of a kiss from a Season 4 episode was "100% human error."

Men in Love: Anthony Timiraos Captures Couples' Private Moments

Anthony Timiraos's photo essay may initially appear lurid, but it's more romantic than salacious.

This Gay Couple Was Just Married By Joe Biden

A photo of Biden officiating is a reminder of the days when a vice president was an advocate for equality.

Green Cards Still Elusive for Many Same-Sex Couples

Nationwide marriage equality hasn't solved everything.

9 Gay Couples That Imploded In Epic Fashion

This Valentine's Day, say a little prayer for the couples whose stories ended really badly.

The 'Truth' About Why Gays Aren't Divorcing Like Straights

Why don't gay couples divorce as much as straight couples? We don't know, but that won't stop us from guessing.