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Gay Couples

There’s nothing cuter or more inspiring than seeing gay couples on the street. Just a few decades ago there were precious few places where LGBT people in love could say so proudly without fear of violence. Today all that has changed. With the click of a mouse young LGBTs the world over can read up on gay couples and lesbian ones, from high-profile celebrity pairings to prom court in a small town. Wherever the couples, the message is the same: that love is something to be proud of, no matter how you identify.

The Good Morning America anchor opened up about the “complications with the chemotherapy” that her longtime love is experiencing.

April 19 2022 1:02 PM

The couple shared the news of their impending nuptials on Instagram.

November 29 2021 11:56 AM

“Looks like we’re upsetting the right people,” tweeted actor Kumail Nanjiani.

November 03 2021 1:15 PM

Alicia Silverstone officiated the big day.

September 07 2021 11:37 AM

The Tennessee couple scheduled a tour — and then things got weird.

September 01 2021 11:11 AM

This weekend the talented duo will play opposite each other onstage in one of legendary playwright Edward Albee’s most acclaimed works.

August 12 2021 5:58 PM