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Gay Irish Prime Minister Welcomed at White House for St. Patrick’s Day

The leader and his partner had earlier met with Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband.

Gay Man Brutally Attacked Following Birthday Celebration

The early morning attack took place on a public bus, and police say they have footage of the incident.

Gay Rugby Player Beaten So Badly He May Never Play Again

The attack left the 24-year-old with a fractured eye socket and a horribly broken ankle.

Homeless Man Brutally Beaten to Death 'For Being Gay'

Two men have been charged with the murder of the 53-year-old father of one.

Doctor Refuses Hysterectomy for Lesbian Because ‘She Might Find a Man’

The physician told her she might change sexual orientations one day, leave her wife, find a husband, and want to have children.

Out Bi Olympian Jack Woolley Punched, Sent to Hospital in Mob Attack

The taekwondo athlete was left needing reconstructive surgery. 

Say Hello to Dublin, Presented by Elska Magazine

Elska Magazine, a publication dedicated to revealing the bodies and voices of gay communities around the world, has put the spotlight on Dublin for its latest issue.

Ireland's Incredible Transformation Into an LGBTQ+ Haven

In just a few decades, the island nation evolved into one of Europe's most progressive countries.

Ireland's Gay Leader, Leo Varadkar, Resumes Medical Practice in Crisis

Varadkar will do phone consultations while continuing his duties as prime minister.

Leo Varadkar, Ireland's Gay Prime Minister, Resigns

Varadkar's orientation has been a nonissue, but housing shortages and other problems eroded support for his party. 

Mike Pence Dines With Ireland's Openly Gay Leader, Leo Varadkar

Pence and his wife were on a diplomatic trip to Dublin.

A Primer on Steven Anderson, the Antigay Monster Banned From Ireland

The Arizona minister, who preaches that LGBTQ people should be killed, has been deemed persona non grata by more than 30 nations.

Gay Penguins Outnumber Straight Ones at Irish Zoo

There is no shortage of LGBTQ representation at the Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium.

For St. Patrick's Day, an Ode to Ireland's Rebellious Second City

Cork embraces LGBTQ people, celebrates Native history, offers inventive cuisine, and safeguards Celtic culture.

Ireland's Gay PM to Mike Pence: 'We Are All God's Children'

Leo Varadkar brought his partner to the home of the notoriously anti-LGBTQ vice president -- and he gave a speech praising diversity.

Ireland's Gay Leader Blasts Catholic Church—in Front of Pope

While the pontiff looked on, Leo Varadkar highlighted the Church's abuses and highlighted how Ireland has embraced modernity.

Pro-LGBTQ Priest to Speak at Pope's Event, Despite Opposition

Anti-LGBTQ Catholic groups urged the organizers of World Meeting of Families to disinvite Fr. James Martin for his pro-LGBTQ views.