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Varadkar will do phone consultations while continuing his duties as prime minister.

April 07 2020 3:47 PM

Varadkar's orientation has been a nonissue, but housing shortages and other problems eroded support for his party. 

February 21 2020 1:33 PM

Pence and his wife were on a diplomatic trip to Dublin.

September 03 2019 10:54 AM

The Arizona minister, who preaches that LGBTQ people should be killed, has been deemed persona non grata by more than 30 nations.

May 14 2019 8:05 PM

There is no shortage of LGBTQ representation at the Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium.

May 06 2019 6:31 PM

Cork embraces LGBTQ people, celebrates Native history, offers inventive cuisine, and safeguards Celtic culture.

March 17 2019 9:31 AM

Leo Varadkar brought his partner to the home of the notoriously anti-LGBTQ vice president — and he gave a speech praising diversity.

March 14 2019 2:38 PM