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John McCain

Meghan McCain Says She Loves Joe Biden, Implies He Has Her Vote

The daughter of the late Republican Sen. John McCain says "it shouldn't take a rocket scientist" to figure out who she's supporting for president.

John McCain—Veteran, Senator, Presidential Nominee—Is Dead

McCain was not always an LGBTQ ally, but he became more of one as his career went on.

McCain Tries to Kill Trump's Trans Military Ban

The Republican senator sticks his neck out for transgender service members, but it may not be enough to stopTrump's cruel order.

McCain Praise Drowns Out the Real (Female) Senate Heroes

Sens. Murkowski and Collins were steadfast in their commitment to healthcare -- but McCain got most of the credit.

John McCain Thinks Kim Davis Was Right

But she should have just refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, not 'violate the law,' McCain said at the conservative Values Voter Summit. 

John McCain Condemns Russia's Antigay Bigotry

McCain writes an op-ed calling out the nation's generally repressive climate, including its antigay laws, and he gets some praise and some ribbing.