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Jon Stewart

WATCH: Daily Show Correspondent Takes on Antigay Ark. Pastor

Protecting LGBT citizens from discrimination in Eureka Springs, Ark., makes some people, like this pastor, feel discriminated against.

Jon Stewart: Antigay Discrimination Is 'So One Month Ago'

The Daily Show host notes that while some nations may be backward when it comes to LGBT rights, progress in the U.S. is still fairly recent.

Jon Stewart Compares Antigay Republicans to Voldemort

Not only are a majority of Republicans against marriage equality, as Jon Stewart points out, many think it's the worst thing ever.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Takes on Rand Paul

The late-night comedy great thinks the 2016 presidential candidate's views on antigay 'religious freedom' laws don't hold up under scrutiny.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Plays 'Let’s Get Rid of Ted Cruz'

In a hilarious 'game,' Jon Stewart points up the hypocrisy of antigay Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Jon Stewart Mic-Drops 'Slim Chances' of Antigay GOP Hopefuls

On The Daily Show Tuesday, Jon Stewart hilariously let viewers know that a few recently announced Republican presidential candidates have no chance of winning.

Jon Stewart Slams 'Cray Cray' Antigay SCOTUS Arguments

Jon Stewart has a lot to say about the historic same-sex marriage hearings that took place at the Supreme Court this week.

WATCH: Jon Stewart 'Shuts Up' Mike Huckabee

Jon Stewart had a few choice words for supporters of Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

WATCH: Jon Stewart On Aaron Schock's Luxe Spending Habits

Wednesday night's episode of The Daily Show proves that nothing, especially Aaron Schock's excessive spending habits, gets past Jon Stewart.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Eats 'Hate Cake' to Mock Texas GOP

In Monday night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart openly criticizes the antigay laws in Texas -- with a slice of cake.

A Moment of Sad: Jon Stewart Leaving 'Daily Show"

The reliable and hilarious LGBT ally will leave the show later in the year.

WATCH: Jon Stewart and Documentary Filmmaker Talk Russia's War on Gays

Filmmaker Ben Steele appeared on The Daily Show to discuss his new documentary, Hunted: The War Against Gays in Russia.

Jon Stewart Mocks NFL Over What's Really a 'Distraction'

Daily Show host, Jon Stewart, remembers a simpler time when the NFL's biggest controversy was openly gay player Michael Sam.

WATCH: Michael Sam Should 'Gay It Up,' Says 'Daily Show'

Skewering recent ESPN coverage, a Daily Show correspondent says Sam's teammates are disappointed he isn't engaging in sexually suggestive horseplay with them.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Doesn't Think Arizona Has Many Redeeming Qualities

It's a rough day when even the NFL thinks you're too homophobic to do business with. Jon Stewart slams Gov. Jan Brewer for vetoing Arizona's antigay bill for economic reasons and not because it was 'morally repugnant.'

WATCH: Jon Stewart's 'Plumbing Lesson' for Texas Rep.

Jon Stewart took Rep. Louie Gohmert to school over his remark about federal judges needing 'plumbing lessons' following pro-equality rulings in Utah and Oklahoma.

WATCH: Abortionists, Married Gays Leading 'War on Christmas'

It must be the end of the year -- Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart are squaring off about the so-called War on Christmas characterized in the vile greeting 'Happy Holidays.'

WATCH: Jared Leto on Avoiding Trans Character 'Cliche'

Jared Leto talked with Jon Stewart on Tuesday about his dedication to presenting a trans charter on screen who wasn't a cliche.

Gaywatch Alert: Rick Santorum and Cardinal Dolan

From mocking the Catholic Church and antigay former politicians to chatting with out actor Ian McKellen, last night's episode of The Daily Show was filled with LGBT goodies.

WATCH: Jon Stewart on Marriage Equality in 'Newark Normal'

The Daily Show anchor celebrated the arrival of marriage equality in his home state with characteristic snark.