WATCH: Jon Stewart Celebrates Marriage Equality in 'The Newark Normal'

WATCH: Jon Stewart Celebrates Marriage Equality in 'The Newark Normal'

Jon Stewart gleefully reported on the arrival of marriage equality in his home state of New Jersey on The Daily Show last night. 

His segment hung on Newark mayor and senator-elect Cory Booker's officiating of one of the first same-sex marriages in the state, just after midnight on Monday. 

While one might have expected that Stewart would touch on the religious heckler who interrupted the ceremony between Orville Belle and Joseph Panessidi, the comedian notably didn't touch on the subject. Instead, Stewart lampooned Booker's admittedly awkward delivery of the marriage rites. 

Stewart first turned his attention to Booker's odd explanation of reciting the standard question about if anyone knows why the couple shouldn't be joined in matrimony, noting that he "has to do this by law." 

"[In New Jersey], you are required by law to ask if anyone objects to the wedding," explains Stewart. "And not just weddings. In New Jersey, you have to do that for everything — It's part of the 'You Got a Problem With That?' Act."

Watch Stewart's good-natured prodding at his home state becoming the 14th (plus the District of Columbia) to embrace marriage equality.


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