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WATCH: Jon Stewart On Aaron Schock's Luxe Spending Habits

WATCH: Jon Stewart On Aaron Schock's Luxe Spending Habits


Wednesday night's episode of The Daily Show proves that nothing, especially Aaron Schock's excessive spending habits, gets past Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart tore apart anti-equality legislator Aaron Schock on Wednesday night's episode of The Daily Show in response to his resignation from Congress earlier this week.

Schock resigned from office as the Republican representative from Illinois's 18th congressional district on Tuesday, following a term that was marred with controversy surrounding excessive spending and growing scrutiny of his use of official funds for personal leisure and travel.

Stewart called out Schock for scandals involving the politician spending taxpayer money on things like a replica of the presidential podium, a private jet flight to a Chicago Bears game, tickets to an out-of-state Katy Perry concert for his interns, and a $10,000 remodel of his Washington, D.C. office to resemble the look of the Downtown Abbey set.

"The interns can't go to an in-state Katy Perry concert!" Stewart joked in the video clip. "I'm sorry, I may just be an intern, but I am also a firework!"

Stewart's four-minute sound-off culminated with him poking fun at discrepancies in Schock's billing of mileage expenses. According to CNN, the now-former congressman billed over 170,000 miles of travel to the US government, but when his vehicle was sold and inspected last year, the car only had 80,000 miles on it.

"Congressman Schock simply drove his Tahoe 90,000 miles backwards," said Stewart. "Because he knows, as a Crossfit enthusiast, it's healthier for the car."

Schock also has a record of being a vocal opponent of LGBT equality since he entered Congress in 2009. The Human Rights Campaign gave him a 0 percent rating in his first term, during which he voted against including sexual orientation in federal hate-crimes legislation. He publicly opposed efforts to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" military ban on out LGB service members and was also a critic of the Obama administration's decision to stop defending the so-called Defense of Marriage Act in February 2011.

Watch Stewart fire hilarious shots at Schock below:

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