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Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema is a member of the U.S. Congress from Arizona's 9th congressional district, first elected in 2012. A member of the Democratic Party, prior to being elected she served in the Arizona legislature from 2005-2001. Known as a progressive, Kyrsten Sinema has been an ardent supporter of the DREAM Act and has campaigned against Propositions 107 and 102, referendums to ban the recognition of same-sex marriage and civil unions in the state of Arizona. Get to know the person recognized as the first openly bisexual person elected to Congress.

Pelosi Hosting Fundraiser for Kyrsten Sinema Challenger

Sinema, the first bisexual U.S. Senator, has renounced the Democratic party.

Kyrsten Sinema Slams Democrats as 'Old Dudes ... Eating Jell-O'

Sen. Sinema, once a Democrat but now an independent, has been ridiculing Democrats in front of Republican audiences.

Ruben Gallego Leads Kyrsten Sinema, GOPers in Arizona U.S. Senate Poll

With Sinema proving a disappointment to liberals, Gallego is challenging her.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to Be Challenged by Democratic Rep. Ruben Gallego

Sinema, the first out bisexual senator, has proved a disappointment to many progressives.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema Is No Longer a Democrat

The bisexual Arizonan formally abandons the political party aligned with her community.

Kyrsten Sinema Touts Friendship With McConnell as Popularity Dips

Sinema, the bi senator who's disappointed many of her fellow Democrats, gave a speech promoting her supposed bipartisanship at the McConnell Center Monday. 

Sinema Endorses Biden Spending Bill - Will Other Changes Follow?

The out Arizona senator had been the only Democrat not behind a bill on energy and health care, but she's still standing in the way of some pro-LGBTQ+ legislation.

Kyrsten Sinema Gets More Heat Over Her Support for Filibuster

More than 50 Arizona LGBTQ+ activists and allies call on the Human Rights Campaign to urge Sinema to back filibuster reform so that key legislation can move forward.

Democrats Under 'Tyranny of Kyrsten Sinema,' Gay Lawmaker Says

The bisexual senator is being criticized for blocking progressive legislation -- but she may be ready to negotiate on some of it.

Watch Former Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Supporters Confront Her in Restroom

Protesters said Sinema, in failing to back President Biden's "build back better" plan, is betraying the people who elected her.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Slammed for Betraying Base, Praised by Anti-LGBTQ+

 "For her to be the person to stand in the way of [progress]... that is untenable to us."

It’s Time for Biden and Senate Democrats to Save Voting Rights

With voting rights legislation stalled, it's almost as if Mitch McConnell was still majority leader.

Open Letter Calls on Out Senator Kyrsten Sinema to End Filibuster

LGBTQ+ activists say they'll pull support for the bisexual senator if she doesn't end what many see as a roadblock to the Equality Act.

Bi Sen. Kyrsten Sinema Endorses Joe Biden for President

"Vice President Biden is authentic, genuine, and has a track record of building bipartisan coalitions to achieve results," Sinema tweeted.

Will Kyrsten Sinema Side With Donald Trump on Impeachment?

The bisexual senator's position suddenly has Washington analysts curious.

SNL Spoofs Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: 'I'm Bi. Deal With It'

The comedy sketch series included the bisexual senator in its "Women of Congress" skit.

RNC Official: Sinema Is 'Senator Madonna' Elected by Dumbasses

Prominent GOPer Bruce Ash went on a misogynistic, biphobic tirade against the duly elected senator.

Mike Pence Had to Swear In Bisexual Senator Kyrsten Sinema

...And Rachel Maddow loved it.

Anti-LGBTQ Martha McSally Will Join Senate Despite Losing Election

McSally, who lost to out bi candidate Kyrsten Sinema for one U.S. Senate seat from Arizona, has been appointed to fill the other one.

Kyrsten Sinema Calls for Bridging Divides in Victory Speech

The U.S. senator-elect from Arizona also paid tribute to a predecessor, the late John McCain.