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HA HA: Mike Pence Had to Swear In Bisexual Senator Kyrsten Sinema


Newly-elected congressmembers and senators were sworn in today -- and possibly the most memorable moment was the coronation of Arizona's first female senator, a bisexual woman, by the nation's LGBTQ-hating vice president.

Kyrsten Sinema strode up to take the oath from Vice President Mike Pence, holding her hand on the constitutions of Arizona and the United States. Sinema then saw the photo marking for "spouse" -- where the politicians' wives or husbands stand for the ceremonial picture. The single senator asked, with a wink and a smile, "Can we get a spouse?" She smiled wide before saying, "Just kidding. Just kidding."   

Sinema seemed to get a rise out of highlighting her singledom to the family values VP. To his credit, Pence appeared welcoming to the incoming senator (no doubt he's screaming on the inside).

Rachel Maddow highlighted the moment on her Thursday show, clearing getting a major kick out of it. 



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