This Antigay Kentucky Clerk Just Changed His Mind on Marriage — Sort Of


Antigay Kentucky clerk Casey Davis reportedly has changed his policy against issuing any marriage licenses, beginning today. But Lexington, Ky., TV station WKYT reports the licenses he’s now issuing are only for couples who are male and female, not for same-sex couples.

According to The New Civil Rights Movement, some same-sex couples have called and emailed asking if Davis will now issue a marriage license to them, but none has walked in the door.

The Casey County clerk, who shares a last name as well as the Christian faith with Rowan County’s notoriously antigay official, announced he would not issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even before Kim Davis became a household name far beyond Kentucky.  

Casey Davis has said he does not feel same-sex marriage "is a lifestyle that agrees with biblical principles," and told CNN last month, “There is a power that is above whatever man may put on paper."

And as The Advocate reported in July, he stood his ground even after meeting with Kentucky’s governor, Democrat Steve Beshear, who told him he should do his job or resign. 

"I’m going to fight and die," Davis said in August, rather than issue licenses to same-sex couples, which he claims as his right, according to Right Wing Watch.

Only one other county clerk in Kentucky is not issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples: Whitley County's Kay Schwartz. Among the three, only Davis has been targeted with lawsuits and contempt of court charges. 

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