Don Lemon Rightfully Loses It After 'Fake News' Accusation


A Friday night CNN segment went off the rails after out journalist Don Lemon got justifiably upset with a conservative commentator who used "fake news" as an argument to justify President Trump's lavish travel expenses.

Lemon was hosting a panel regarding a recent Washington Post story that exposed the exorbitant amount of money the Secret Service is paying to protect Trump and his family. First Lady Melania Trump currently lives in New York City, as opposed to Washington, and the president has traveled to Florida three weekends in a row; Trump's four adult children also need protection and some have traveled across the globe for Trump business ventures.

While most of the panel gawked at the millions taxpayers are footing for Trump's travel, former George W. Bush staffer Paris Dennard had a different, and less eloquent, response.

"This is fake news," he said, echoing Trump's blanket name for any unflattering news reports he doesn't like.

Lemon did not let it slide and when Dennard continued with his ridiculous talking point, he was quickly silenced. Watch below.

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