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Don Lemon

Chasten Buttigieg Slams Tucker Carlson's Criticism of Pete Buttigieg

Carlson claimed that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg wants to talk only about being gay after having "lied" about his identity for years.

CNN's Don Lemon Leaving Prime Time for New Morning Show Project

The prominent out CNN anchor was tapped to revamp CNN's morning lineup in an attempt to attract more viewers.

Dustin Hice Drops Assault Case Against CNN Anchor Don Lemon

The move comes after Hice was forced to pay $77,000 by the court. 

Don Lemon Assault Accuser Ordered to Pay $77,000, More Evidence Arises

A friend of Dustin Hice, the accuser, who was there the night of the alleged incident, questions his allegations.

Damning Evidence Surfaces in Don Lemon Assault Case as Trial Nears

A witness alleges Dustin Hice previously did to him what Hice now claims Lemon did.

Don Lemon’s Assault Case Is Moving Forward — Here’s What We Know

This week, a federal judge set a date for a jury trial.


Don Lemon Didn't Mean to Create Panic, Clarifies His Show Announcement

The out anchor of CNN Tonight With Don Lemon unintentionally set social media ablaze with rumors he was leaving the network. 

John Waters Probes His Drama-Filled Ancestry on 'Finding Your Roots'

Waters is one of several out celebs and allies who'll appear on the new season of Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s genealogy show, which opens Tuesday night.

Bubba Wallace to Don Lemon: Whatever the FBI Says, a Noose Was Hung

The African-American NASCAR driver doesn't agree with the FBI that it was simply a "garage pull" found above his stock car.

Don Lemon's Voice Has Never Been More Necessary

The out journalist called on Hollywood celebrities to speak up on racism and reported extensively on the national crisis.

CNN's Don Lemon Sued for Alleged Harassment of Man at Hamptons Bar

CNN claims the plaintiff had a beef with the network. 

Don Lemon: White Men Are the 'Biggest Terror Threat in This Country'

The out CNN anchor did not mince words when discussing fearmongering around the migrant caravan.

Don Lemon on Why Survivors Don't Always Report Sexual Assault

The out CNN anchor said his own story and that of a loved one show why survivors don't immediately come forward.

After Trump Attacked Him, Don Lemon Lays Bare the President's Racism

The out journalist made clear that Trump derides people of color and uses that hatred to fuel his base's devotion.

Don Lemon Slams Franklin Graham's Defense of Trump

Lemon questions how conservatives can give Trump a pass on so much, but Graham says the president was chosen by God.

Watch Don Lemon's Unforgettable Monologue Excoriating Racist Trump

The out journalist was rightfully fed up and couldn't take it anymore.

Don Lemon Kisses Boyfriend in Roaring New Year Broadcast

The CNN anchor was adored by social media for letting loose on national television.

Person of the Year: Transgender Americans

The Advocate highlights the people who gave the LGBT community hope in 2017.

Trump Loves Bullying Don Lemon. Wonder Why?

CNN responded on Monday to Donald Trump’s tweets repeatedly attacking Don Lemon, one of the few out African-American news anchors. 

Trump Pal Roger Stone Melts Down on Twitter, Gets Suspended

The sexually ambiguous ex-advisor to Trump loses it after news breaks that special counsel Robert Mueller is about to levy charges against members of the Trump team.