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One Million Moms Lose Hallmark Channel, Fly Off Deep End

One Million Moms Lose Hallmark Channel, Fly Off Deep End

The anti-LGBTQ organization says it will make Hallmark, Zola, and other companies "ALL bow to the Lord."

One Million Moms characterized the Hallmark Channel's reversal on airing an ad with a lesbian wedding as part of "the war for the soul of man."

A week of back-and-forth over the broadcast of a Zola ad seemed finally over Sunday evening when Hallmark Channel leaders vowed to re-air Zola ads featuring a same-sex couple. The spots had been pulled following the objection of One Million Moms and other anti-LGBTQ groups. Zola, a wedding registry company, revealed the Hallmark Channel said it would run ads without same-sex couples, but the advertiser decided to cancel the entire campaign and sever ties instead.

The backlash to that prompted a reversal by the Hallmark Channel, but One Million Moms has re-entered the outrage arena with fresh fury. Now, the outside group is gathering petitions calling for a boycott of the Hallmark Channel. The hyperbolic language asserts humanity's standing with God is at risk over the marketing decision.

"The culture war, better yet the war for the soul of man, is definitely heating up," reads a message on the organization's website. "1MM will keep fighting because souls are at stake. This LGBTQ spirit is the same spirit we read about in the Bible that confronted Lot. It's relentless but the good news is we serve the God who is King of kings, Lord of lords, and will not be mocked. Hallmark, Zola, etc. and all that make up those companies will ALL bow to the Lord."

One Million Moms said the Hallmark Channel previously was among the only places where movies remained "family friendly." But the appearance of two women in a wedding ceremony apparently means that is "not the case anymore."

"It is the belief of 1MM that same-sex relationships are still extremely controversial and it should be left to parents to bring up the subject with children. It is clear that Hallmark is no longer family friendly, and parents will need to exercise caution before heading to the channel."

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