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Pete Buttigieg and Husband Make History on Cover of TIME

Pete, Chasten Buttigieg on cover of Time

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and husband Chasten make a historic appearance this week on the cover of Time magazine.

The magazine posted the cover of its May 12 issue online, with the couple appearing under the headline “First Family.” Their appearance as two men together marks the first time a presidential candidate appeared on the cover of the magazine alongside a same-sex spouse.

An accompanying feature story entitled “Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Unlikely, Untested, Unprecedented Presidential Campaign" focuses on Buttigieg’s rise from obscurity to top-tier candidate.

And it even captures a now infamous moment on the campaign trail when a protester in a devil outfit, previously reported to be homophobe Randall Terry, who hissed at Buttigieg at a fundraiser. Terry told Time he was upset by Buttigieg’s stump appeal. 

“There’s never been a homosexual that you’d go, ‘Wow, I’d be proud of him.’ He’s the guy,” Terry said. “That’s why he’s such a threat.”

Buttigieg himself lays out a strategy of earnestly selling progressive ideas to voters on the campaign trail. And continues his message of wanting to "reach out" to all Americans in hopes of changing minds.

“The job of politics is to summon the good and beat back the evil,” he said.

Chasten also plays a hefty role in the feature, telling the story of how both men grew up in the conservative Midwest.

“Being gay was not culturally acceptable where I grew up, mostly for a lack of understanding,” Chasten told Time.



In a field of more than 20 ­candidates­—including six Senators, four Congressmen, two governors and a former Vice ­President—@pete.buttigieg (pronounced Boot-edge-edge) has vaulted from near total obscurity toward the front of the Democratic pack, running ahead of or even with more established candidates and behind only @joebiden and @berniesanders. The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind. is a gay Episcopalian veteran in a party torn between identity #politics and heartland appeals, writes @charlottealter. He’s also a fresh face in a year when #millennials are poised to become the largest eligible voting bloc. His platform is “Freedom, Security and Democracy,” which wouldn’t sound out of place coming from a Bush-era Republican yet actually harks back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But in order to maintain his momentum, Buttigieg will have to do more to flesh out those ideas. And he’ll have to make inroads with black and Hispanic voters who have so far appeared unimpressed with his campaign. In many ways, Buttigieg is @realdonaldtrump’s polar opposite: younger, dorkier, shorter, calmer and married to a man (@chasten.buttigieg). His success may depend on whether Democrats want a fighter to match #Trump, or whether Americans want to “change the channel,” as Buttigieg puts it. “People already have a leader who screams and yells,” he says. “How do you think that’s working out for us?” Read more at the link in bio. Photograph by @ryanpfluger for TIME

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Buttigieg has consistenly found himself at third place in many polls, but has seen a dip due to Sen. Elizabeth Warren's recent surge and now occupies that spot. But with the election still a long ways away, there will for sure be more ups and downs for all candidates running. 

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