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Monkeypox Emergency Declaration to End in January, Biden Admin Says

The U.S. has reported 17 deaths from the virus and almost 30,000 cases.

Monkeypox: WHO Settles on New Name for the Virus

Scientists and health experts wanted to rename "monkeypox" to combat the homophobic and racist stigma attached to the virus.

Six Monkeypox Patients Have Died

Local health departments in four states say six people who had tested positive for the virus have died.

Unvaccinated People 14 Times More Likely to Get Monkeypox

The data marks an important milestone in the administration's fight against monkeypox, particularly given the unprecedented nature of this year's outbreak.

Monkeypox Cases Are Down Nationally but Up in Communities of Color

The White House announced a new program aimed at reaching communities of color with education, vaccination, and treatment of monkeypox in order to ensure health care access equity.

Monkeypox: First U.S. Death Confirmed

(CNN) A person in Harris County, Texas, who had monkeypox died last month, but the virus' role in that death has not been confirmed.

Why Are Conservatives Tearing Their Hair Out Over This Gay Doctor?

Sometimes a harness is just a harness, and a tattoo is just a tattoo.

White House Gives Monkeypox Response Update After Vaccine Push

The Biden administration's monkeypox coordinator and deputy coordinator provided the current information about the outbreak and cases in the U.S.

Monkeypox: White House Requests $4 Billion in Emergency Funding

The White House announced on Friday that it would be seeking $4 billion in monkeypox fighting measures in addition to Covid-19, disaster, and Ukraine emergency funding.

Weekend Monkeypox Vaccination Clinics Announced by White House

Visitors to large LGBTQ+ events in several major cities this holiday weekend will be able to get a monkeypox vaccine onsite.