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This Country Daddy's New Video Is a Pure Celebration of Queer Identity

Derek Jensen

Out Canadian singer Drake Jensen's video for his song "Burn the Floor" celebrates gender, sexual identity, and kink like no other country music video out there. 

An out country musician who hails from Canada, Drake Jensen, has just released the video for his latest song, "Burn the Floor," and it's a joyful ode to all things queer with its inclusion of a variety of folks whose sexual and gender identities and kinks span the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ people.

For the song, Jensen collaborated with Jon Hemingway, an out Nova Scotia-based singer-songwriter-producer, and Rob Preuss, former keyboardist of the Spoons and Honeymoon Suite as well as the former associate musical director for Mamma Mia! on Broadway, according to a press release.

Jensen has been out throughout his career. The song "On My Way to Finding You," the title track off of his 2011 debut album, was the first of his videos to feature a queer theme and it was a response to anti-LGBTQ+ bullying.

Regarding the celebratory, inclusive direction of the video for "Burn the Floor," Jensen said in a release:

"There has been a lot of divisiveness within our community as we tend to sub-categorize each other. My answer to this was to create a song that would be completely inclusive and then invite the gay community of Canada's capital to film the video. The result was an outburst of fun with so many different members of our community, all of who help make up our beautiful rainbow, where we all party the night away together as one."

Jensen has since released three more albums.

"I figured it was time for a new sound, one that would draw ears in that hadn't been previously listening to country music. We set out to create something unique. 'Burn the Floor' was the result of country music imagined in a different way," Jensen tells The Advocate. "I really feel this is my strongest offering to date, and I created it with the ideology that I have had for years since starting my musical journey: that country music is for everyone. As long as there was a voice to send the message."

Watch the video below.

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