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Cameron Hawthorn's 'To Break Hers' Is a Gay Ode to a Straight Ex

Cameron Hawthorn

The closet is not only harmful to gay people; it can also be devastating to those they love but are not in love with, including husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends who get swept up in the societal stigma.

Cameron Hawthorn, a country star whose viral hit "Dancing in the Living Room" debuted with The Advocate last year, penned "To Break Hers," an ode and an apology to the straight broken hearts' club.

"To Break Hers" is inspired by Hawthorn's life, "an all too real experience I had in dating," he told The Advocate in a statement.

"There were so many moments when I could have ended it with this girl, but I just kept going, leading her to believe I was in love," said Hawthorn, who came out as gay in last year's hit. "Looking back, I was 100 percent using that to hide and cover up what was really going on.

"What’s worse is I really did go to her hometown and I really did meet her family, all the while knowing deep, deep down that I would never be able to make it work. When you break someone’s heart, you carry that with you. I needed to write this song to let go of that. An apology — to her and myself — for stringing her along."

Watch the music-video premiere of "To Break Hers" below. And afterward, take another turn "Dancing in the Living Room."

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