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New Jersey

N.J. Transgender Detective Makes State Law Enforcement History

I wasn’t the guy that grew up wanting to be a cop,” he said. “My family didn’t have cops in the family. I’m the first law enforcement officer in my family.”

Library Board Votes to Keep LGBTQ+ Books After Queer Author's Mom Speaks

She came with her two sisters as backup to support her child's work.

Feds Thwart Planned Mass Shooting on Gay Clubs, Synagogues

The suspect from New Jersey allegedly planned to conduct a mass shooting targeting synagogues and gay clubs.

Trans Woman Now in Men's Prison After Impregnating 2 by Consensual Sex

But her advocates point out that she's being treated differently than other inmates involved in consensual relationships.

N.J. Supreme Court Affirms That Conversion Therapy Is Fraud

The N.J. high court declined to hear an appeal of a lower court's ruling against conversion therapy provider JONAH. 

New Jersey Legislators Vote to Protect Marriage Equality

A bill OK'd Monday and likely to be signed by Gov. Phil Murphy is a precaution against any threats posed by the conservative-majority U.S. Supreme Court.

Trans Woman Shai Vanderpump, New Jersey Activist, Shot to Death

Vanderpump was known "as a fierce LGBTQ advocate," according to Garden State Equality.

GOP Candidate Slams LGBTQ+ and ‘Sodomy’ Education In Schools

Jack Ciattarelli, a candidate in New Jersey's gubernatorial race, delivered an anti-LGBTQ+ speech to a crowd at a gun range. 

Allegations of Sexual Abuse, Antigay Slurs Rile Upscale Restaurant

A gay man and five other former employees of New Jersey's Mohawk House allege sexual harassment, use of antigay slurs, and more.

Suspect Charged in Bombing of Gym Owned by Same-Sex Couple

Dwayne A. Vandergrift Jr. is accused of setting off a bomb at GCity Crossfit in Gloucester City, N.J.

Was Newark Trans Woman's Death Really a Suicide?

Authorities initially deemed Ashley Moore's death a suicide, but family members -- who were not notified for several days -- have questions.

N.J.'s Oldest Gay Club, Facing Closure, Launches GoFundMe

The owner of Feathers, founded 42 years ago, is asking the community "to save the place we have all come to know and love."

Woman Who Allegedly Killed Wife With Wine Chiller Apprehended

Rebecca Gavilanez-Alectus was found dead in the New Jersey home she shared with her wife. 

Gay Ex-New Jersey Official Wins at Supreme Court in Bridgegate Case

Bill Baroni, the only Republican senator who fought for marriage equality in New Jersey in 2010, can now put "Bridgegate" behind him. 

N.J. Bans ‘Gay Panic’ Murder Defense and Not One Legislator Objects

Assailants are now banned from claiming they committed hate crimes or murders "in the heat of passion" upon finding out the victim was LGBTQ. 

Gay Ex-Senator Behind NJ's 'Bridgegate' Makes Case to Supreme Court

Bill Baroni was a staunch LGBT advocate in the New Jersey senate. Now, the years-long shadow of "Bridgegate" may come to an end. 

New Jersey Schools Begin LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum

Twelve schools have kicked off the pilot program, which will go into effect statewide this fall.

New Jersey Church, Homes Tagged With Swastika, Antigay Graffiti

Trenton police are searching for those who tagged buildings with hate language and symbols.

New Jersey Mayor Calls LGBTQ Movement 'Affront to Almighty God'

A new state law requiring an LGBTQ-inclusive public school curriculum has Mayor Alfonso Cirulli's hackles up.