Poll: 10% of
Portuguese people are gay or bisexual

Nearly one tenth
of the Portuguese surveyed for a new poll said they were
gay or bisexual, the weekly newspaper Expresso said
Friday. Asked their sexual orientation, 90.1% of those
asked said they were heterosexual, 7% said their
preference was homosexual, and 2.9% said they were bisexual.
The poll on the sexual habits of the Portuguese
also found that 52.2% of those asked had unsafe sex,
apparently disregarding the risk of AIDS and other
sexually transmitted diseases. The percentage of gays who
acknowledged it socially was 50.8%. Of bisexuals, the
percentage was 14.3. Pollster Eurosondagem interviewed
726 people, 369 women and 357 men, by telephone
between December 13 and December 20. The margin of
error was 3.6%. (AP)

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