Antigay postcards
target gay Massachusetts candidate

homophobic postcards were sent out to Massachusetts
residents this week, urging voters to vote against an
openly gay man running for town selectman. West
Bridgewater residents reported receiving the
postcards, which claimed that candidate Jerry Lawrence was
pushing a “gay agenda,” on Wednesday.

Many in the city,
located south of Boston and in a state where same-sex
marriage is legal, greeted the smear campaign with disdain.
“What his personal life is, is nobody's
business but his own,” one resident told a
local television station. “The people who sent that
out ought to hang their heads in shame.”

Lawrence, who's
been on the school committee and the local board of
health, claimed the postcards were not only hateful but
disingenuous. “I think it is pretty
spineless,” Lawrence told the news station.
“There are no names on the card. It didn't come
from anyone in particular. They never called me or
asked my opinion or my stance on any of the issues
that they are claiming are my platform.” (The

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