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gubernatorial candidate gay-baited on radio show

gubernatorial candidate gay-baited on radio show

In perhaps one of the first aftershocks of the Mark Foley scandal, Florida independent gubernatorial candidate Max Linn publicly called for Charlie Crist, the state's attorney general and Republican gubernatorial candidate, to publicly acknowledge his homosexuality on Wednesday, which was National Coming Out Day.

"Charlie, come out, come out from wherever you are," Linn said during an interview on the south Florida television station WTFL. He also intimated that it is common knowledge in Tallahassee that Crist is gay, and Linn insisted he has known about Crist's orientation for 25 years. Though the Crist campaign declined to comment on Linn's remarks, speculation on his sexual orientation has persisted for years. In an August radio interview in Miami, Crist denied he is gay: "The point is, I'm not. There's the answer. How do you like it? Not that there's anything wrong with that, as they say on Seinfeld. But I just happen not to be."

In January 2005, Crist called in to a radio show in an attempt to dampen gay rumors. When the single 48-year-old was asked, "Are you a homo?" by the announcer, Crist responded, "No, man. No. I love women. I mean, they're wonderful,'' before going on to suggest that he's very blessed for having something special that helps him to attract the opposite sex.

Both Crist and the Democratic candidate for governor, Jim Davis, oppose same-sex marriage and adoption rights for gays. Crist has said he would "allow" civil unions in Florida, and he currently leads Davis 53% to 43% in public opinion polls. (The Advocate)

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