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Inquest: British
girl's suicide result of breakup

Inquest: British
girl's suicide result of breakup

A British teen killed herself by putting a plastic bag over her head after being dumped by a former lover, reported Kent News from an inquest held on Thursday.

Lauren Hyatt-Green, 17, suffocated in her home in Gillingham, in the English county of Kent, on the morning of February 4 after her ex-girlfriend told her she didn't love her anymore. Hyatt-Green had been to visit the her former lover the night before she killed herself.

Det. Stephanie Rawcliffe of the Kent police told Kent News that Hyatt-Green "had cycled round to her friend's house on the Friday night because she believed she was in the company of another girl."

Lauren's mother, Janice Hyatt, described her daughter to the Kent News as a happy, easy-going, funny girl who was crazy about soccer and played for the top women's team, Gillingham Ladies Football Club. She also coached the game to younger girls at her school.

She explained that her daughter had been openly lesbian for several years and was comfortable with her sexuality.

Hyatt discovered her daughter on the morning of February 4. "It was a total shock," she said. "I went into her room and she was lying faceup in her day clothes with a plastic bag tied over her head. I removed the bag, but I knew she was already dead when I rang the ambulance."

Lauren left suicide notes for her mother, friends, soccer team, and her ex-girlfriend.

According to Kent News, coroner Roger Sykes recorded that she had intended to take her own life: "She had such intense and deep feelings for this girl that when she found out they were no longer reciprocated, she felt she could not go on. First loves with teenagers often create deep and intense feelings, which they are not able to put into perspective as easily as those who are older and wiser. She must have felt that there could never be another like her. It is a desperately sad and tragic loss of a young life." (The Advocate)

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