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Calvin Klein Sorry for 'Queer-Baiting' Ad With Bella Hadid, Robot


Calvin Klein addressed criticism of a recently released advertisement showing supermodel Bella Hadid making out with Lil Miquela, an artificial female "influencer" that's been described as both a digital avatar and a robot. 

The ad, part of the "I Speak My Truth" campaign, encourages people (and, ostensibly, shoppers) to embrace their vulnerabilites.

"Life is about opening doors," Hadid says as Lil Miquela strolls towards her. "Creating new dreams you never knew could exist," Hadid says before the two peer into each other eyes and kiss before the lights dim.

As Teen Vogue points out, some found the commercial exploitative.

Calvin Klein released a statement on Friday addressing the criticism and said company officials "regret any offense we caused."

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