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WATCH: Video Killed the Girl Scout Boycott

WATCH: Video Killed the Girl Scout Boycott

Two trans activists posted videos last week in response to Taylor, a well-meaning but misguided former California Girl Scout who called for a national cookie boycott after a Colorado Girl Scout troop allowed a 7-year-old trans girl in their troop. First adult entertainer slash activist Buck Angel released a video in which he talks about being a former Girl Scout, even though he knew even then he was a boy, and how the Scouts were always a welcoming place for him. Equally compelling is a video by Rebecca Kling, a 20-something trans woman who writes about "gender, politics, geekery, and more" on The Thang Blog at FridayThang.com. On her own site, Kling's video came with a transcript of her direct letter to Taylor in which she tells the little girl that her own video moved her. "You delivered your message with skill, grace, and emotion – I wish my high school students were as comfortable speaking in front of an audience as you clearly are."

Kling goes on to tell Taylor that "a lot of what was in your video was hurtful to me. I’m not sure if you meant to hurt my feelings, or the feelings of people like me, but your video was painful for me to see. Because I’m a transgender woman. That means that I was born in the body of a boy, but realized I was actually a girl. I’ve been on hormones for a few years now, to help my body match my mind. And a lot of the things you said about what it means to be transgender didn’t match my experience, or the experience of other trans people I know."

In the video, Kling also recites the Girl Scout Law, and tells Taylor why her video didn't live up to the law and why the Honest Girl Scouts, an organization Taylor mentions at the end of her own video, is the equivalent of "a bully or a mean classmate you thought was a friend" for bashing the Girl Scouts.

My letter to Taylor, the girl calling for a boycott of Girl Scouts over "transgender promotion" from Rebecca Kling on Vimeo.

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