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London Tube Features 'Real Men Get Raped' Ad Campaign

Survivors UK, an organization
working to raise awareness about sexual violence against men, is
launching a new campaign around London with the tagline “Real Men Get

The ads, which feature a punctured rugby ball and the
words "real men get raped and talking about it takes real strength,"
were placed in 140 escalator panels in Tube stations on Feb. 20 during
the Six Nations rugby tournament, and will also appear on two billboards
in the city and big screens at Waterloo station, reports the Huffington Post.

chosen to use an alpha male sport in our advertising to challenge
assumptions about the type of men who get raped,” said Michael May,
spokesman for Survivors UK. “It’s just as likely to be a rugby player as
a librarian, a suited city banker as a hooded gang member. And we hope
that by challenging our innate assumptions about the identity of male
victims, we can make it even fractionally easier for a male rape victim
to ask for help.”

The National Center for Victims of Crime reports that about three percent of men in the U.S. have been raped at some point in their lives.

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