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Survey: 41% of Transgender People Attempted Suicide

Survey: 41% of Transgender People Attempted Suicide

It's no surprise that young transgender people endure extensive discrimination, but the harsh effect on their mental well-being is starting to come into focus thanks to new studies.

A survey conducted by the Endocrine Division at Children's Hospital Boston found that young people who can't reconcile their gender identity with their physical bodies had high rates of psychiatric complications, especially if aren't guided by health professionals. The Children's Hospital study looked at 97 patients and found 20% self-harmed, while 37% were on psychiatric medications.

A 2010 survey from the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force found that 41% of transgender people attempted suicide at one time.

Researchers believe that discrimination is not the only reason for the prevalence of mental problems, but insurance coverage that rarely covers hormones or transgender procedures, as well as the disconnect between gender identity and the physical self, play a part. Many researchers recommend hormone blockers and professional treatment for young transgender people. Read more here.

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