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Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel Linked to Model Who Recently Fell to His Death in Miami: Report

Jeff Thomas spoke with a news publication before his recent death and admitted to being the beneficiary of a financial relationship with the gay Republican billionaire.

The Right Stuff? Peter Thiel-Backed Conservative Dating App Is a Bust

Users of the dating app have complained about the lack of people actually using it.

Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel Dined With Donald Trump at White House

Thiel, Trump's top Silicon Valley supporter, sits on Facebook's board.

Gay Trump Fan Peter Thiel Drops Bid for Gawker

The PayPal co-founder is ending his bid for Gawker and its story archives. Thiel famously bankrolled the lawsuit that led to the website's demise. 

Here's How Peter Thiel Is Connected to the Facebook Ploy to Elect Trump

Thiel's Palantir Technologies reportedly advised Cambridge Analytica on how to harvest the data, ultimately deployed in an effort to gain votes for Donald Trump.

Peter Thiel Submits Bid for Gawker

Gay venture capitalist Peter Thiel has made an offer for Gawker after funding a lawsuit to close it.

New 'Yass' Community Center Linked to Peter Thiel Money

The venture capital firm backed by the tech mogul is the sole funder of a members-only, LGBT community center.

Peter Thiel Offered 'Time and Resources' for New Zealand Citizenship

A newly released application reveals why Donald Trump's gay tech adviser got to skip the residency requirements of the island nation, which he called "the future."

Why Is Peter Thiel a Citizen of New Zealand?

The gay billionnaire and Trump supporter may consider the island nation an escape hatch in case of political or natural disasters.

We Read Peter Thiel's NYT Trump Love Letter So You Don't Have To

The gay entrepreneur continues to shower the increasingly unpopular president-elect with love.

Peter Thiel Dresses as Hulk Hogan at Trump Donor's Costume Ball

Peter Theil, who funded a lawsuit Hulk Hogan brought against Gawker, dressed as him at a "Villains and Heroes" party. 

Gawker Founder Nick Denton Settles Lawsuit With Hulk Hogan

The saga is almost over.

Peter Thiel Apologizes for Attacking Diversity, Questioning Rape

The gay tech entrepreneur and Trump supporter retracts controversial passages in his 1996 book The Diversity Myth.

Peter Thiel Is Donating $1.25 Million to Donald Trump

The gay tech billionaire is standing by the Republican presidential candidate to the bitter end.


Peter Thiel Shows Us There's a Difference Between Gay Sex and Gay

When you abandon numerous aspects of queer identity, are you still LGBT?

No One Thinks Donald Trump Would Pick Peter Thiel for Supreme Court

But if the gay tech billionaire were nominated, it would break a Trump campaign promise.

Peter Thiel: Talented Folks Only Go to NYC, Silicon Valley, Certainly Not Chicago

The gay tech billionaire and Donald Trump supporter offended many a Windy City resident this week.

Peter Thiel Likes the Idea of Injecting Young Blood

The gay Republican and PayPal cofounder is said to be very interested in a process called parabiosis, which allegedly extends the human life span.


Gay Tech Exec Peter Thiel to Speak at RNC — Along With Cruz, Falwell

The billionaire cofounder of PayPal -- and Gawker's number 1 enemy -- secures a spot at the RNC, which is pushing its most anti-LGBT platform in its history.

Who's the Gay Exec Funding Hulk Hogan's Gawker Suit?

An out Silicon Valley billionare is funding Hulk Hogan's lawsuit against Gawker.