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Peter Thiel Dresses as Hulk Hogan at Trump Donor's Costume Ball

peter thiel

Peter Thiel, the out Silicon Valley tech investor, dressed up as Hulk Hoan to attend a costume ball put on by wealthy Trump donors.

The ball took place on the North Shore of Long Island Saturday and it was hosted by Robert Mercer, the co-chief executive officer of Renaissance Technologies, reported Bloomberg. The theme of the ball was "Villains and Heroes." Trump went dressed as himself, while Peter Thiel went dressed as Hulk Hogan, the wrestler.

Attendees at the party included figures such as Tonya Harding, who went as Cruella de Vil, and Nigel Farge, the UK politician who led the pro-Brexit movement, who went as Admiral Lord Nelson. Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager, attended the party dressed as Superwoman. She tweeted a photo of herself with the president-elect with a caption that read: “Honoring the ultimate hero at the Mercer ‘Heroes and Villains’ party on Long Island. Crowd thrilled w/ surprise!”

Hulk Hogan sued Gawker Media after its flagship site, Gawker, ran a video of Hogan having sex with his wife's best friend. Hogan's suit, which was partly funded by Peter Thiel, caused the site to go bankrupt and it was then sold to Univision. Thiel admitted to funding the lawsuit against Gawker out of spite because he was upset that the site outed him as gay in 2007.

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