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Read the latest news about PFLAG, or Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Since its inception in 1972, PFLAG has grown to become the largest organization through which straight allies can support members of the LGBT community. Learn more about the history of the organization, which was founded by elementary school teacher Jeanne Manford after she discovered her gay son had become a victim of violence for his activism. Discover PFLAG's many campaigns and advocacy work that helps improve the lives of LGBT youth.

Recalling a Cringe-Inducing But Powerful TV Coming-Out

This mom of a trans child reflects on the poise of PFLAG founder Jeanne Manford when she appeared with her gay son on Today.

1973: When the LGBTQ+ Movement Caught Fire

Stonewall shook the establishment, but four years later (and 50 years ago), queer rights started to take over the mainstream.

Texas Judge Blocks Investigations of More Trans-Supportive Families

Judge Amy Clark Meachum expanded her injunction against the "child abuse" probes to include a couple who sued and all PFLAG members.

One of the Nation's Most Enduring LGBTQ Groups Turns 45

PFLAG continues to prove that parental support is powerful.

PFLAG Turns 45 Years

New York parents who couldn't abide by their gay son's harassment in the early '70s created the influential support group.

PFLAG Rescinds Award to Joy Reid Over Antigay Blog Posts

The MSNBC host claims her blog was hacked, and the antigay posts were not written by her.

My Grandparents Created PFLAG

Avril Swan on the legacy of love and acceptance her family built 45 years ago.

PFLAG National Names Jaime M. Grant Executive Director

The family-oriented organization is putting an impressive mother in the driver's seat.

PFLAG Will Hold Trump Administration Accountable — Kids' Lives Depend on It

National PFLAG president Jean Hodges writes on standing up to the likes of Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos.

Yes, There Are Black Queers in Oregon and They Need Help

The former Portland black chapter of PFLAG, the only one of its kind in the nation, declares independence and sets a course toward racial justice.  

This PFLAG Campaign in Schools Comes With Hidden Message

The posters come with a pro-LGBT message only visible if you takes a photo of it using a camera flash.

Facebook Talks to Us About Its Test of 'Real' Name Policy

The social network provided The Advocate with a special preview of what it calls 'improvements' to the way users report and defend their names.

Trans Teen's Acting Debut in Royal Pains Has an Important Message

The Maine teen, famed for winning a landmark decision allowing her to use the girl's bathroom at school, plays a trans dancer struggling with transition-related healthcare.

Op-ed: Embracing the Role of Asian Mother to a Trans Son

Marsha Aizumi says she was honoring her forebears when she marched in a Pride parade to support her transgender son.

PHOTOS: PFLAG Honors Straight Allies for Equality

PFLAG honored allies from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and business at a gala even this week.

Op-ed: Why These Methodist Ministers Support Marriage Equality

Married Methodist pastors Tom and Jan Harry discuss their daughter's coming-out, her wedding, and why her marriage deserves respect.

Op-ed: Why These Texas Parents Support Marriage Equality

Don and Gena Rogers tell the story of their son's coming-out and the path to acceptance that led them to join a PFLAG legal brief in support of equality.

China: Change Afoot for LGBT Parents and Children?

The atmosphere in China is far from LGBT-friendly, but activists are working for change and seeing the U.S. as a model.