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Hillary Clinton: TSA Dropping 'Anomaly' Is a 'Good Move'

Hillary Clinton: TSA Dropping 'Anomaly' Is a 'Good Move'

Hillary Clinton

The former Secretary of State stated it was a 'good move' to create changes that will support and respect transgender passengers.

Hillary Clinton praised the Transportation Security Administration for improving its training and protocol regarding transgender passengers.

The Democratic presidential candidate linked to an article Friday on Twitter that announced the government agency's recent decision to cease using the term "anomaly" to describe trans bodies, as well its commitment to implement guidelines and renew "Transgender 101" trainings.

In response, Clinton called the new measures a "good move," and wrote a post reaffirming her commitment to transgender equality.

"Transgender people deserve respect, safety, and equal treatment everywhere. Good move by @TSA," she stated.

TSA administrators first told The Advocate Tuesday that they will stop describing perceived inconsistencies in a person's anatomy when going through a body scanner as an "anomaly."

Officials have yet to settle on what term will be used instead to identify a discrepancy that requires additional screening, but they contend they are working with trans advocates and the broader community to arrive at a solution.

This new focus on how TSA treats its trans travelers comes about in the wake of trans woman Shadi Petosky's live-tweeting of her harrowing experience being disrespected, detained, and delayed while trying to pass through a TSA checkpoint at Orlando International Airport last month.

Hillary Clinton made several promises to LGBT Americans earlier this month at a gala for the Human Rights Campaign, including a vow to end injustice "once and for all."

To this end, Clinton said she supports the Pentagon's current review of the long-standing ban on military service by out transgender Americans. She also pledged to address "the crisis of transphobic violence" that has claimed at least 21 lives this year to date.

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