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Chelsea Clinton Says Ivanka Trump Should Expect to Be Scrutinized

Chelsea Clinton

While appearing on Stephen Colbert's show the former first daughter said that she's not spoken to her friend Ivanka Trump over political differences.

During an interview with Stephen Colbert to promote the follow-up to her beloved children's book She Persisted, Chelsea Clinton weighed in on Ivanka Trump's role in the White House.

There to discuss She Persisted Around the World, a book about 13 inspiring international women, Clinton stayed on point even as Colbert tried to cajole her into admitting that she and her famous parents, Bill and Hillary Clinton, occasionally toss a wine glass at the wall while discussing Donald Trump. But then Colbert brought up Ivanka Trump, a friend of Clinton's to whom she has not spoken in some time due to policies the current first daughter supports that Clinton can't get behind.

When Colbert asked Clinton if she has sympathy for Invanka, Clinton replied, "I think anyone who works for the president should expect to be scrutinized for whatever decisions not only he or she is making, but whatever decisions the White House is making on any given day."

Regarding not having spoken to her friend in a long time Clinton said, "It's clear though that she has supported policies and decisions that I don't agree with. I've been very vocal about my opposition to President Trump."

Colbert jokingly asked Clinton if she could call Ivanka and ask her to put in a word that the United States should not go to war with North Korea, and as usual, Clinton gave a thoughtful, measured response.

"I'm really sad that we're at a point in time where that has to be said, that we're at a point in time where we have a president who has such callous disregard for thoughtful, coherent, expert advised foreign policy is something, I would hope, regardless of where we sit on the political spectrum, we could agree on."

Watch the video below.

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