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Presidential Hopeful Andrew Yang on Guaranteed Income's LGBTQ Appeal

Andrew Yang

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, says his plan to give every American a guaranteed income of $1,000 a month is part of his appeal to LGBTQ voters.

“I have many friends in the LGBTQ community, and what they tell me is that they get kicked out of the house at higher levels, that they get fired from jobs at higher levels, so they’re very excited about the freedom dividend,” as he calls the income plan, Yang said this morning on the BuzzFeed News program AM to DM, cohosted by Advocate editor in chief Zach Stafford. “If we put economic resources directly into people’s hands, they can make themselves better able to adjust if they’re economically singled out.”

Yang said the “freedom dividend” is necessary for everyone because so many industries are transforming, making it hard to identify who’s most in need — so it would be for all Americans, no questions asked.

He also said his LGBTQ platform would include support for programs in schools nationwide to increase acceptance. There would be LGBTQ people in his cabinet and administration, he added.

During the appearance, which kicked off a planned series of AM to DM interviews with 2020 candidates, Yang further discussed his position on abortion (strongly pro-choice), being the father of an autistic child, marijuana legalization, why he decided to appear on the Fox News Channel, and more. Watch the full episode, with other guests and topics, below.

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